Burger King // Google Home for the Whopper (Cannes Lions)

Burger King's is trolling again! Using :15 second advertising spots only it passed the baton to someone else in your living room to talk about Whoppers. Enabling Google Home devices to promote its signature sandwich won Grand Prix for the use of direct.

Coca-Cola // Pool Boy

Coca-Cola launched an advertising spot featuring a pool boy that everyone falls in love with. You will never guess who will beat two siblings to offer a refreshing drink to the sexy man that cleans the pool. #TasteTheFeeling

Samsung Galaxy // The Rest of Us ft Casey Neistat

While the Oscars ceremony unfolded, Samsung introduced a new type of creators, the ones that do not have high budgets or professional equipment. In the advertising spot, Casey Neistat, a celebrity influencer, spoke about a generation of makers, who take a challenge to do anything not for awards but for passion.

Snickers // Recovery Room

Snickers' latest advertising spot proves once again that you're careless when you're hungry. In a humorous hospital story, a patient is left out with a new implant. Remember to #EatASnickers before you operate!

Walmart // Bananas Town (by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg), The Gift (by Antoine Fuqua), Lost & Found (by Marc Forster)

For the Oscars, Walmart invited Hollywood directors to create three advertising spots inspired solely by retailer's receipt for a total of $264.78 consisting of bananas, batteries, paper towel, scooter and a baby monitor. As a result, Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg created "Bananas Town", Antoine Fuqua made "The Gift" and Marc Forster directed "Lost & Found".

NY Times // The Truth Is Hard

As the term "fake news" becomes more and more ubiquitous, NY Times launched the Oscars advertising spot "The truth is more important now than ever." A simple :30 second ad lists everything that the truth is...

Connect // Harlem Shake

Connect, an internet provided in Lebanon, released a humorous advertising spot about people with poor internet connections. For years after being a viral sensation, Harlem Shake finally reached some coastal areas of Lebanon.

Subaru // Rewind

Subaru released a new advertising sport promoting its EyeSight technology. In a captivating ad, after a car accident, a couple wakes up at a hospital second guessing how they could have prevent this from happening.

Ad Council // Fans of Love

Kiss Cam footage from the Pro Bowl in Orlando was turned into Ad Council's PSA. #FansOfLove adds a twist to what has became a big part of American sports culture by sending the message that #LoveHasNoLabels in regards to race, gender, disability, age or religion.

Spotify // Playlists

Spotify produced three advertising spot based on big data gathered from users worldwide. Surprising playlists visualizing the funniest ones include "Play This At My Funeral", "Rap Caviar" and "Global Warming Is Real...Let's Dance."

Walmart // 4 Award-Winning Directors. 3 Unique Films. 1 Receipt.

Walmart challenged four award-winning directors to direct three short films inspired by a receipt from a retailer. The teaser campaign reveals the concept but the three versions of The Receipt directed by Antoine Fuqua, Marc Forster and a partnership between Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg during the Oscars.

Levi's // Sea of Blue

Levi's released a new advertising spot which makes fun of mobile millennials. Sea of Blue is set at a party with no personal interactions as almost everyone is missing out due to being hooked to a smartphone.

Interval House // The One That Got Away

Interval House released a PSA campaign against abusive partners in which men talk about #TheOneThatGotAway. Three men describe the women they lost and how persistent they are in getting them back as they do not accept being dumped.

Mended Little Hearts // Give A Fuller Life

Mended Little Hearts created an animated short featuring Max Page, a boy born with a Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). #GiveAFullerLife to children changes depending on donation levels the more is pledged, the better the animation gets.

Donate here.

Lincoln // A Collaboration In Sound

For Grammys advertising spot, Lincoln collaborated with Gary Clark Jr and Revel Audio to create an incredible listener experience. A Collaboration In Sound helped the musician build a custom amp designed to accommodate artist's impressive range. #ThatsContinental

Pixel // Tributes by You, Phone by Google

Google's advertising spot for Pixel is a medley of covers for Nothing Compares To You written by Prince. Tributes by you is based on company's main purpose of shareability and exposure to all.